The List

10 Oct

The Minnesota Medallion Stallion Fall Fest Show has come and gone. Our last scheduled horse activity of 2010 is behind us. Now what? Just when it seems like we are through for the year, the list of tasks grows. We need to keep Wynnie in foal to Marhaabah. We need to wean Marhi. We need to geld Marhvelous. We need to market Immortal Gold. We need to break and train Emmie. We need to let Falcon be a horse for a few months before getting ready for 2011. We need to pick a trainer and develop a schedule for the babies who will be yearlings next year. Alison needs to start taking riding lessons.  When we thought we were done, reality jumped in our faces. The list never ends.


Growing Up

18 Sep

Its a right of passage and an exciting time. Leaving mom, learning to lead, not being allowed to just be a pet, creating a personality. At the six month mark at Browns Folly all babies begin to face the reality that life is more than milk and honey. This year Marhvelous has seemed to adapt well to the regimen and a different kind of attention. Marhi, on the other hand, is very reluctant to give up her role as resident pet.  Stubborn is taking on a new meaning with her, but with a little restrained encouragement she is finding life to be much more rewarding if she goes with the flow. Both foals will be off the Farm for a month in October to complete the seperation process and then its on to the business of why they were produced in the first place. Marhvelous is a Minnesota Medallion Auction foal, first for Marhaabah,  and will be pointed at that futurity. We like our chances. Like so many of the Marhaabah fillies, Marhi is going to be spectacular and will be shown as we see opportunities and marketed in the Spring. Her full sibling arrives in May. The only downside of this inevitable paggage is that we are reminded that time is passing for us too. It sure is getting a little more challenging every year to get our breath back after motivating young horses to move their feet. but its worth every gasp


All the Cowpokes

02 Aug

Corn Capital Days has come and gone. Everyone was there and no one got hurt. Now is the time to recover.

All the Cowpokes


Corn Capital Days

24 Jul

The annual Browns Folly roundup is about to begin. All the BF cowgirls and cowboys will be descending on Olivia, MN for the  last-weekend-in-July event that has become a mainstay on our calendar. Little kids and older kids from all over the country will have the opportunity to update, relate, and speculate on family affairs over the beverage of their choice and sweet corn served out of a horse trough. As long as there are no adult  injuries from getting bucked off swings or stepping off the track during midnight 400 meter races it is sure to be wonderful. Everybody needs a small town summer festival to bring their families together, if only for a weekend. Then we need to rest.


Home On The Range

13 Jul

After a hectic Spring and early Summer of showing, foaling, and breeding, everything is settling back to normal.  Emmie and Marhvelous, Wynnie and Marhi are back at the farm in Wisconsin. Wynnie is once again in foal to Marhaabah for a May, 2011 baby. Immortal Gold has grown up this summer and will be put back under saddle with Dianne Margerum this Fall. And then there is the Prince of Pintos, Falcon. He had a great comeback from a potentially devastating leg injury to be a Show Champ and Region Top 5. We are looking for an even better show season with him in 2011. Next up for us is the Minnesota Medallion Fall Fest show. We are in charge of the Barn again this year and look forward to seeing both old and new friends at the event. Be safe.


Alison and Abe have Birthdays this week.. Yahoo

22 Jun

Happy 4th Birthday to Cowgirl #2 and 3rd to Cowboy #1


Region 10

22 Jun

Big weekend at Region 10; and we even remember some of it. First, thanks Dianne. Falcon, Mary and Dianne all Top Fived in Falcon’s first trip to a Region. Alison competed in her first stick pony race. Someone at West Ridge owes us a toll for 137 trips past Dianne Margerum Training (Lizzie?). Found out today that our Bey Shah mare is once again in foal to Marhaabah for 2011. Next for us: Fall Fest. See you all there.



21 Jun

Andie gave me this website for Fathers Day. Yeahhhh!



19 Jun

Welcome to the new look of! Please enjoy all our new features, like improved navigation, dynamic slideshows, a calendar of upcoming events, and the Browns Folly blog.