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One Price Sale

19 Jan

We have decided to offer aspiring or accomplished Arabian Breeders and Pleasure Riders the opportunity to breed to great mares or ride great horses at a reasonable price. Through the end of February we will be offering daughters of Bey Shah, Eternety, and Marhaabah as well as sons of Magnum Gold, The Color of Fame, and Marhaabah for $5000 each. All mares are open. Two geldings are broke to ride. Horse and contact information at


Its a Boy

12 May

One foal for us this year and he is a Beauty. BF Marhs (Marhaabah x Wy Not Me (Bey Shah)) was born 5/4. He is all Bay and all Boy. Marhs is the first colt born around here is a long time that wasn’t referred to as a gelding from birth. He is Spectacular.


2011 Season

05 Mar

We returned from Scottsdale to reality on Monday. Snow, cold, and clouds. The misery soon changed to enthusiasm as we recalled the great time we had with family and friends at Scottsdale and began to make firm plans for this show and marketing season. First up as always will be Falcon in Western Pleasure with Mary and Hunt with Dianne Margerum. We have just completed breaking Emmie and will market her as a Hunt and Broodmare Star. She is fancy, moves well, and will make a great all purpose, competitive horse for anyone who wants to ride, breed, or both. Then the Babies. Marhvelous will certainly be pointed at Fall Fest where he will compete in the yearling auction class. Marhi will get her turn as a Sweepstakes yearling. And we have another Marhaabah foal due in May. Between showing and marketing we hope to be very busy this Spring and Summer. See pictures and videos on other pages of our web site.


Minnesota Arabian Horse Breeders

24 Jan

We were honored this past weekend to be asked to lead the Minnesota Arabian Horse Breeders for the next year. We have long considered Fall Fest to be the Holy Grail of horse shows. Seeing Eternety being led by Jeff Schall many years ago convinced us this was something we wanted to be a part of. The enthusiasm of members and participants continue to endorse the facts that the Medallion program is the first, fairest, and most progressive of the Arabian futurity programs. Come to the show starting 9/30/11. We look forward to meeting you.


Happy New Year

01 Jan

2011; its coming into focus. The to do list will keep us running all year. 

Start Alison with riding lessons, four is old enough.

Enjoy the sunshine in Scottsdale.

Ride Emmie up to her first show in Winona, nine is old enough

Bring Falcon out of the pasture and put him to work, twelve is still young.

Find a halter home for Marhi and Marhvelous, babies are now yearlings.

Welcome a new foal out of Wynnie/Marhaabah in May

Point one, two, three, or four horses at Region 10, ouch.

Win the Fall Fest auction class with Marhvelous, yeah.

And along the way sell anything that eats grain.


Happy Holidays

25 Dec

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all our friends and family. May the New Year bring you all peace and prosperity.


Thanks Pete

14 Dec

The winter of 2010/2011 is proving to be brutal in the Midwest. From 30,000 feet its easy to feel warm and fuzzy about our horses and their prospects in the New Year. The reality is the day to daycare of our young horses and pregnant horses is anything but warm and fuzzy. I find myself grateful to have a great brother in law and friend putting on the warm clothes, bringing the hay, making sure there is water,  providing the regimate, and caring. It takes great effort and its appreciated. Thanks Pete.


Beautiful Baby

06 Dec

It always makes you feel good to see your product get some national exposure and we feel warm and fuzzy over Marhi being the first picture in Arabian Horse Times’ November Beautiful Baby Contest. As the youngest of our collection she is a worthy representative of the group. Its going to be a busy Spring trying to figure out how to get them all exposed and marketed.


No Patience

29 Nov

Can time go faster? One horse in foal. One horse being broke. One horse also in training, but turned loose for the winter. Two foals, just weaned, being pointed toward yearling sweepstakes and futurities. One horse waiting to go back in training. It seems like the pause button has been pressed. We are looking forward to the next year to bring a focus on how to approach all these opportunities. We can’t wait for the challenges. In the meantime, enjoy a Safe and Happy Holiday season.



18 Oct

Babies in the barn. Mares in the pasture. Life is tough. Noise is nonstop. Its the next step in life for Marhi and Marhvelous and it will pass.