Growing Up

18 Sep

Its a right of passage and an exciting time. Leaving mom, learning to lead, not being allowed to just be a pet, creating a personality. At the six month mark at Browns Folly all babies begin to face the reality that life is more than milk and honey. This year Marhvelous has seemed to adapt well to the regimen and a different kind of attention. Marhi, on the other hand, is very reluctant to give up her role as resident pet.  Stubborn is taking on a new meaning with her, but with a little restrained encouragement she is finding life to be much more rewarding if she goes with the flow. Both foals will be off the Farm for a month in October to complete the seperation process and then its on to the business of why they were produced in the first place. Marhvelous is a Minnesota Medallion Auction foal, first for Marhaabah,  and will be pointed at that futurity. We like our chances. Like so many of the Marhaabah fillies, Marhi is going to be spectacular and will be shown as we see opportunities and marketed in the Spring. Her full sibling arrives in May. The only downside of this inevitable paggage is that we are reminded that time is passing for us too. It sure is getting a little more challenging every year to get our breath back after motivating young horses to move their feet. but its worth every gasp